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The Koro1 player is the strongest Kerry-type single player in EDG's history, and his performance in the first mid-season of the fist is perfect. At that time, EDG bought Pawn and Deft two Korean aid players from Samsung to form a fantasy lineup, defeating LGD in the spring game to win the championship. In the mid-season, they will face the championship team in the five major divisions, including SKT led by Faker.


S5's EDG introduces a double C Korean aid to form a fantasy lineup

At the time, EDG's single-player Koro1 was considered to be the first to last in the MSI (short for the mid-season) because of his shallow international experience. But what I didn't expect was that Koro1's mid-season performance was the best of all the orders, especially the final suppression of Marin players in the final, EDG can win a lot of credit for winning Koro1.


Koro1 is the biggest hero of EDG to win MSI

But what is puzzling is that the S5MSI turned out to be the last high-profile singer of Koro1. Since then, his position in EDG has plummeted, and even the starting position can't be played. Koro1 then moved to RNG, but he did not compete for Letme and then played in the secondary league. There are a lot of people who feel sorry for Koro1, but there are rumors that Koro1's current experience is what he is looking for.


It’s a pity that Koro1 has fallen to the secondary league

The 4AM club broke out this unpleasant incident of leaving the team this year. Then Kadi took other professional players as examples. He said that he should not go against the club again, otherwise he would be the same as a professional player. Then there was a speculation on the professional player on the Internet. Many people guessed it was Koro1, and he asked the management for a raise, and the message that was hidden by the snow was flying.